Danceparty//  barefoot boogie //


FREESTYLE... schütteln, wackeln, moven, swingen!!

Für Tanzmenschen von 0-100, die

sich FREI im Solo als Paar oder in der Gruppe bewegen wollen. Familien und Kinder mit Schallschutz :) sind willkommen! G.Polka & FRIENDS sorgen für tanzbaren Worlddancebeat.

Barfuß tanzen = Tanzschuhe, Socken oder eben barfuß...

FREESTYLE... shake, move, swing!!!

For dance people from 0-100, who want to

want to move FREELY solo as a couple or in a group. Families and kids with soundproofing :) are welcome! G.Polka will provide danceable worlddancebeat.

Barefoot dancing = dance shoes, socks or just barefoot...

//barefoot boogie// Definition URBAN DICTIONARY:

A dance event, usually in a rented hall or community centre, where shoes are left by the door, and freestyle dancing is encouraged.“

People of all ages, families and kids are welcome.You'll find folks at the dance moving solo, with partners, and/or in groups. Dress as you wish, but please leave your street shoes at the door before hitting the dance floor. The Barefoot Boogie is a not-for-profit, cooperative and volunteer-run venture.

From our pool of talented DJs, two spin each dance. Each of our DJs has his or her own distinctive style, but one thing you can rely on is that at every Boogie you'll hear a wide variety of music: R&B, tribal, funk, lyrical and acoustic, ambient, electronica, disco, rock, and much more. If the cost is too much for you, please consider volunteering! (Thanks to Barefoot boogie NY)

Ort: Neuhofstr. 16a
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Beitrag: Spende

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